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1997 - Janey Waley Karbala Key Volume 17

1 Janey Waley Karbala Key 6:47                                                       download
2 Shabbir [a.s] Ager Teri 7:06                                                            download
3 Na Ro Zainab [a.s] Na Ro 7:41                                                       download
4 Dekho Aey Kufiyo 8:01                                                                   download
5 Mujhe Abbas [a.s] Kehtey Hain 6:15                                                download
6 Ankhian Maal Maal Zainab 6:15                                                      download
7 Yeh Majlisey Hussain [a.s] 4:07                                                       download
8 Ao Sab Ali Ali [a.s] Karein 7:03                                                      download
9 Woh Khaimey Jalrahey Hain 7:47                                                     download

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Released 1997
Format MP3
Type Digital Download
Added on Monday, 19 September 2011
Genre Nauhay
Length 1:01:07
Country Pakistan
Label Thar Production

Nadeem Sarwar 1997 , Released in Karachi, Pakistan and almost every other country.

1997 is titled Janey Waley Karbala Key Karbala Ley Chal Mujhe nad was the first nauha volume to be released on Audio CD. The album includes 8 other Kalaam's covering shahadat of Imam Hussain [a.s], Hazrat Abbas [a.s] and other events of Karbala.

Poetry | Kalaam by Rehan Azmi & Nadeem Sarwar

Special Poetry | Khususi Kalaam by N/A

Special Appearance / Khususi Shirkat by N/A

Backing Vocal | Sangat by Munawar Ali Khan, Rajab Ali Khan, Nasir Ali, Amanat Ali, Ghulam Abbas, Ghulam Abbas Jafri and Raza Shah

Audio Recording by Syed Ashfaq Hussain

Video Recording by Imran Y. Qureshi (Ever Green)

Photography by Shahab Raza

Markazi Khayal | Tarteeb by Nadeem Sarwar

Special Co-operation By Ustad Zafar Ali Khan, Muslim Kassamali Rajani (UK) and Syed Asrar Hussain Rizi..